On October 24, 2019, Shawn Christopher Marino arrived late to court carrying a large wooden staff adorned with satanic symbols, having been accused of communicating threats.  I am the plaintiff in this case.  The judge asked the man’s name, and he replied Lucifer Alistair Morningstar. Since that name was not on the docket, he clarified that his name is Shawn Marino, in the process of changing his name. None of this duplicity was surprising to me since he is the one who allegedly has been sending death threats to me, my family, and those connected to me on social media.

Threats ranged from blowing my kneecaps off with a .357 magnum signed by Clint Eastwood, shooting specific family members with a taser, to harassing anyone following me on Twitter, Instagram, etc. Sorry to any of you who were harassed by this jerk, but rest assured that you are in no physical danger, whatsoever. He’s 550lb, and can’t leave the house without taking public transit with his mom. A few people contacted me saying they were also getting threats, some of them had been for years, and that they were also scared of his sister and mother. He has no sister, girlfriend, wife, or brother. He’s a voice actor. It’s listed right at the top of his Facebook profile.

At the hearing, the DA asked if I was interested in doing arbitration instead of going to court, getting a restraining order and so forth, and I said no, I definitely want to prosecute. I can put up with or ignore his nonsense, personally… But this case is much bigger than just me. I’ve heard from women who have moved to a different state, changed their phone numbers, underaged girls who he had used their photos without their permission in explicitly sexual posts, and even pictures of babies with disturbing captions alluding to pedophilia and sex slavery. I just happen to be the only one in a position to go after him, since I know his identity, and was able to gather enough evidence to take to the Rowan County magistrate to file charges. The police get 10-20 calls a day about him, he posts his phone number on all of his social profiles, and they’re just sick of dealing with him.

So, the DA set another court date for 4 weeks later, so I can get them much, much more extensive evidence, including screenshots, voicemails, audio recordings, photos. I’m a media person. A digital scribe. A content creator. I have so much to filter through in the next month that it’s overwhelming.

As he walked toward the door after the proceedings, I asked the judge, “Is it ok if I wait here for a while while he leaves?” Shawn turned to me and said, “Yeah you’d better… I’ll EAT you!” To make sure everyone in the room heard, I repeated back, “You’ll eat me?”, and he said yes.

He was halfway out the door when he decided to go ahead and threaten my life right there in court. Sort of defeats the purpose of defending himself against my allegations of communicating threats. The judge told him to come on out this way, he said, where am I going? To jail.

I’m trying to gather the evidence for this case while currently homeless, living in my car.  If you’re able to help at all,  I’m running a campaign at https://gofund.me/helpfry or you can PayPal directly to my email address below.  Much appreciated.

Stay safe.

-Scott Beam

Autism is not a disease, disorder, or syndrome.  It’s only a disability because employers, educators, police officers, and even most doctors know less about it than you’re about to learn.  Society at large is unwilling to change the rules so that we can harness the productivity of the very specific, often genius savant abilities without getting fired, arrested, abused, or neglected because of YOUR misinterpretation of how we look, our mannerisms, tone of voice and specific language we use, and meltdowns that are neurological overload events that we can control no more than seizures or migraines.

“The main thing of what autism is, is that our brains are wired so differently from the vast majority of the population.  Most people have, “This is the speech center of the brain”, and “That’s is the motion center of the brain”.  Autistic people, we have what’s called ‘neuroplasticity’.  We usually have major deficits in one area, and big strengths in another.  We can rewire our brain to use the part that works to do what doesn’t work.  It can be problematic, because you can’t control what part is doing what, and it can’t do it all at the same time.  So, you have to try and balance it, and it’s a bitch.”  -Scott Beam (FrysAcidTest)

Zach Reynolds (1amMLG) and I were discussing autism with viewers this morning, as we often do, and I was trying to condense the one thing that defines a person as being autistic vs. neurotypical.  In spite of, and partially because of, the fact I was barely functioning as best I could while both of us are going through some of the toughest times of our lives, this is what came out.  I realized that this was the most descriptive but easily understandable phrasing that I’ve ever heard, and quickly took this clip so I could share it while it’s fresh in my mind.

Zach and I understand each other better than anyone either of us have known.  Our friendship is based on mutual total honesty (very common autistic trait), concern for our well being, situation, and circumstances, and doing what it takes to get through the day by listening to each other’s problems, providing any advice we might think would help, and distract ourselves with positive and healthy activities like streaming games and opening the conversation to anyone interested in listening, while also providing a safe space and open ears to anyone who has a problem of their own to get off their chest.

Give us a follow on Twitch for a variety of games, Photoshop/Premiere Pro/After Effects tutorials, Cuphead speedruns on an arcade machine, Golf With Your Friends and Worms W.M.D. games open to viewers, electronics projects, vinyl DJ sets, and a brand new series of programs that Zach has written himself, to share the advice, quotes, guided relaxation sessions, etc. that have helped him the most in his life, backed by chill music.  Details and current program schedule is in the panel below his Twitch page.





We’ve all heard it a thousand times… “The artwork and soundtrack of Cuphead are nice, but the game is way too easy.”  Well, a team of modders decided to do something about it.  So far, all of the bosses on Isle I have received upgrades, the Run ‘n Gun stages are unchanged.


This mod does more than just add more projectiles and speed things up a bit, some of the unused assets found in the game’s code are used to create new enemies, and boss attack patterns are changed up to keep you guessing (as if the RNG wasn’t already brutal).

Download CupCore from the Official Site, or Fry’s Acid Test Mirror which includes installation instructions.


Apparently, this site isn’t going to update itself… and I’ve given it plenty of opportunities.  YouTube videos don’t tend to edit themselves either, so I’ve been skipping that step and streaming live.  The Mac Mini (late 2014) is actually a decent machine, once you ditch the 1950s hard drive technology for something more solid and stately.

Several workers loading an early hard drive that's taller than they are into a truck

5MB IBM Hard drive from 1956

Moving the OS from a 1TB hard drive to a 256GB SSD with all of my data and the larger programs on an external USB dock with a 5TB drive made a huge difference.  The limited RAM becomes less of a bottleneck when it’s swapping to what’s basically slower RAM instead of a steam-powered spindle with ones and zeros chiseled into it.

Following a good 5min HowTo (link is in video description), I had no problem making the upgrade the first time I’ve opened a modern Mac.  If you’re moving to a smaller drive than your original, you’ll need to use an imaging utility like SuperDuper!  The MacOS recovery boot won’t do it.

I took my time, familiarizing myself with a few types of connectors I’m not experienced with, and it took about an hour.  If I were to do it again, I could probably crank it out in 20 minutes.  The biggest time saver tip would be that the small power connectors can be just pushed on vertically, it’s not a plugging-in motion like Molex.