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Finally, after a year of turmoil and moving to a new state, I’m settled in enough to start making videos again.  Plus, with 2 new iOS devices (first ones I’ve owned), it’s orders of magnitude easier to create content.  After a week of joining the Applesphere for the first time, I’m very impressed.

Picture of Fry with iPad in lap, holding 3 iPhones as if they were playing cards

A Traditional Game of Poker

In the process of learning, I’ve come across a few bugs, and I’d like to start entering reports so they can improve even more.  There are also a few regressions with things that used to work in previous versions, but don’t now.  This bug is labeled 003 because I’ve filed 2 already, but haven’t made videos.  Since I might want to down the road, I thought I’d number them in chronological order.  The first one documents a bug in iOS 9.3.1 where App Switcher does not change orientation when the device is rotated.  I’ve entered a bug report to apple (text below), with a link to the video:

Your subscription on YouTube would be much appreciated.



[Sponsored by Weederizer.com – Wax/BHO Vaporizers]

Reach in through the opening in the front skirt below the bumper, and down towards you.



Separate sounds from the individual tone generators in the NES for sampling, remixing, or just listen to your favorite game music with a different twist.



Watch in 1080p fullscreen. An awesome screensaver program that evolves based on user ratings. Break out the projector at your next party for some nice visuals. Try to let the screensaver run once a day, so it can download fresh sheep. I’ve only been running it for a few days on this machine, so what you see here is only a fraction of what’s available.

Free download at: http://www.electricsheep.org

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