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Steve Lin (@stevenplin) is so excited about this rare find that he couldn’t help but tweet some pictures he’s taken of the pre-release NES brochure right from the airport while he awaits his flight.  Not that I can blame him, these images show a vision that Nintendo had for the NES that I’ve never seen or heard of before.

I can’t say I’m too disappointed that this hodgepodge of peripherals never came to be.  I believe the fact that the NES focused solely on gaming and did that one thing very well is what set it apart from the all-in-one computer/gaming systems of the time like the Commodore 64, and made it a device worth buying even if you did already own a computer.  I know I would have had a hard time convincing my parents to buy a system that was almost identical to the one we had, only less compact and organized.

NintendoCESBrochure1 NintendoCESBrochure2NintendoCESBrochure4 NintendoCESBrochure3

Then again, the direction Apple has gone in with the Mac Pro having no internal expansion ports and all external peripherals shows that manufacturers still haven’t given up on that concept.  Steve has assured that full, high quality scans of the entire brochure will be forthcoming.


UPDATE 2014/2/11:  Now You’re Knitting With Power!

Now you're knitting with power