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UNIXfied Field Theory v2 - Updated 2017.02.22 - added links

Getting back on track, I’m resuming a personal experiment to document the physics concepts I’ve picked up from various sources and my extrapolations on them before I start researching related subjects so I can refer back later and see if my intuition was on the right track at all.  My education consists of high school plus a few college classes on UNIX, Networking, and C Programming.  The majority of my career has been in IT, so I plan to use UNIX terminology in place of whatever scientific vocabulary I lack.  Keep in mind that I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, or claim this as proven science.

The idea of a simulated universe is not new.  If were to ever get a clear view outside the boundaries of our universe, we might see another universe, or we might just hit the limitations placed on either the machine or virtual machine running the code that makes up our universe, in a compartmentalized sandbox.  We would also be limited by the capacity of that computer’s hardware, software, the I/O bus, and the firewall rules of the larger network of the metaverse.  We can’t rule out the possibility that the rules can be bent, of there being vulnerabilities or flaws in the system, perhaps some of which could exploited or manipulated.  On second thought, maybe pen testing our universe is a bad idea.


This simulation model would account for the Planck length (the length scale at which the structure of spacetime becomes dominated by quantum effects), and would indicate the that resolution of the universe is finite  If a universe can be simulated as a set of data points being run through a software algorithm, and all matter is made of energy and information, then a simulation could be the foundation of we call nature.  Like any computer, there could be bugsclock jitter, rounding errors, or propagation delays.  Dynamic resource allocation could increase the size, resolution, and refresh rate of a simulated universe, which we would see as universal expansion.  Any perceivable physical change would only occur once every clock cycle.  Sir Isaac Netwton’s ‘action-reaction law‘ doesn’t include the possibility of lag between the action and reaction, and it may be worth studying.

At one point, all of the data that makes up our universe was either random or didn’t exist.  What was the big bang if we’re in a smulation?  Possibly the ‘init‘ process bootstrapping our program for the fist time.  The UNIXverse is born.  The initial injection of data, matter, energy, and all that exists being brought online when the simulation was started.


Map of the Universe by NASA

Echoes of the big bang have been observed through radio telescopes.  Multiple dimensions may coexist with ours, not in a different orientation from the x y & z axes of our 3D space, but at different frequencies.  If so, it could be possible to observe or interact with them by tuning in to their clock sync, somehow.  We know it’s possible to alter your brainwaves and focus your perception in various ways using meditation, sensory deprivation tanks, binaural beats, audio/visual “mind machines“, psychotropics, or other methods.  I don’t even have a guess as to might be done with physical objects, I guess you’d have to build some sort of quantum portal.  If anyone has the schematics, hook me up!

I look forward to learning more about the physics and math, and the theories of more knowledgeable scientists.  If you have any evidence for or against any of these possibilities or have anything to add, please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading.

-Scott Beam –

Finally, after a year of turmoil and moving to a new state, I’m settled in enough to start making videos again.  Plus, with 2 new iOS devices (first ones I’ve owned), it’s orders of magnitude easier to create content.  After a week of joining the Applesphere for the first time, I’m very impressed.

Picture of Fry with iPad in lap, holding 3 iPhones as if they were playing cards

A Traditional Game of Poker

In the process of learning, I’ve come across a few bugs, and I’d like to start entering reports so they can improve even more.  There are also a few regressions with things that used to work in previous versions, but don’t now.  This bug is labeled 003 because I’ve filed 2 already, but haven’t made videos.  Since I might want to down the road, I thought I’d number them in chronological order.  The first one documents a bug in iOS 9.3.1 where App Switcher does not change orientation when the device is rotated.  I’ve entered a bug report to apple (text below), with a link to the video:

Your subscription on YouTube would be much appreciated.



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UPDATE 2015.03.24: Amazon has FAILED to make good on their word.  The Vantec HDD adapter is BACK on Amazon fulfillment, and is no longer 'under review'.  Their Safety Department failed to follow through on their promise to call me when the issue was resolved.  They have not heard the last of me.
UPDATE 2015.02.24: Success!  Amazon has recalled the product from their fulfillment center, and will have it down from their resellers ASAP.  Consumer Product Safety Commission has acknowledged the issue, and escalated accordingly.  Consumer Reports has forwarded the story to the proper department.  Thank you so much for all who helped spread the word!
I'm just one guy here.  Don't see this blog and think it's all been taken care of.  I've been working on this for days, and I'm getting burnt out.  Someone needs to take this torch and run with it (No pun intended, but it works).  If you can help me with legal fees, I've set up a Please chip in for legal and medical expenses, or BTC: 1PDoMu6Ye8HWa2fKJQhRECTXaE6JZjnyDq  Thanks.

Since there has been some confusion, I’ll clarify that the problem is not with the USB data interface, it is with the AC cable that comes with it

Picture of dangerously underrated Vantec power cable

You should be concerned about this. This COULD start a fire

Help me get this product recalled

Vantec USB Hard Drive Adapter

The AC power cable that comes with the Vantec USB Hard Drive Adapter (and Flypower power supply)  is labeled with a 10A 250V rating, but is made with wires that are about as big as the USB cables that you charge your phone with, that should NEVER be plugged directly into an outlet.  A redditor said they received a similar cable with a Sabrent HDD Adapter  (See pics at bottom).  This cable could very well be in many devices on the market.  They look and feel the same from the outside, but if you accidentally use one with a computer or any device that draws more power than a hard drive, it could melt and possibly start a fire.  If you might have one of these mixed in with your extra power cables, I highly recommend that you cut the ends off and throw them all away, and buy new ones.  It’s worth the money.

Vantec/FLypower conductors next to legal ones

Vantec/Flypower vs. Legal Cable

By law, power cables that have the standard IEC C13 connector must be rated at 10 amps.  It says 10A 250V right on it, mine started MELTING at 2.6A 123V.  A proper cable will be made with conductors that are at least 18AWG, these are nowhere near adequate.  Here’s a close-up comparison with a decent one.  You’ll notice that the Vantec/Flypower wires have more plastic than copper, and are also missing the strings that prevent damage if the cable is pulled on.

Vantec/Flypower cable next to a legal one

They look identical from the outside

When I plugged in the power supply, the LED flashed on, and then went out almost immediately.   The AC cable that came with it didn’t seat quite properly, so I thought I’d try a different cable.  It still didn’t work, so I set them both aside and just used the computer’s PSU to power the hard drive.  When I needed to test another piece of equipment later in the day, I unknowingly grabbed this cable. Within 5 minutes, the cable was so hot that it burned my hand when I went to unplug it, and the plastic jacket was getting soft and almost melted.  If I hadn’t been right there, it could have easily burned my house down, and I would be surprised if it has happened to someone already.

I’ve notified Amazon, and they said they will investigate within 7 days and take it off the market if they agree with my findings. I’ve also emailed Vantec, with CC to UL regulatory agency.  The Flypower power supply had certification logos from around 10 different agencies, I can almost guarantee that a power supply this light and cheaply built was not certified by all, if any of them, considering how much testing costs.

Please spread the word, and help me get this thing recalled

Judging by the response, there are many people who have owned a unit like these, and think they have one of these cables somewhere in their collection.   Cheap imports are great, but they’re definitely not worth the cost of human lives or property.  When you find a problem like this, report it everywhere you can, and warn everyone you know.  Force all manufacturers to sell a safe product, or push them out of the market and make room for quality domestic manufacturers to take their place.

I’ve notified the Consumer Product Safety Commission, my Attorney General, Consumer Reports, UL, and the manufacturers Vantec USA and Sabrent.  Vantec replied, saying the cable was only designed to be used with a hard drive, which is clearly not an excuse.  Sabrent quickly contacted me by phone, and were eager to address my concerns.  UL connected me with their representative in Taiwan, who says they have no jurisdiction, since the cable itself does not have the (UL) marking.

If you have one of these units, please contact the regulatory agencies above, the retailer, the manufacturer, and any media outlets you can

I posted a quick video on YouTube describing the problem, and comparing the Vantec/Flypower cable with a legal one.

Update 2015.02.09: A redditor said they received a similar cable with a Sabrent HDD Adapter:




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